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High School Admissions Guidelines

High School Admissions Guidelines
Enrollment in St. John Villa Academy HS is open to young women who have graduated from elementary school and who desire to pursue a secondary level, college-preparatory education within the Roman Catholic tradition. Application to Villa indicates on the part of the student and her family an acceptance of the obligations to explore one's personal religious commitment, to complete the required scholastic program and to support the goals, policies and financial programs of the school.

Initial acceptance is based on TACHS Scores and report card marks for grades 7 and 8. Class placement is determined by the TACHS entrance exam, elementary school grades, standardized test scores, and teacher recommendations. About 160 freshmen are accepted each year, the majority from CHOICE 1 which is completed on the TACHS Exam. All students take a college preparatory program.

• Annual expenses include tuition, uniforms, and a book fee.

10th, 11th and 12th grades
Acceptance into the sophomore and junior year at Villa depends on the classroom space available both in the applicable grade and scholastic program. Admission criteria include:

    • Student is currently following a program of studies which can be applied to New York State Regents diploma requirements.
    • Student has a good record in her present school for conduct, effort and attendance.
    • Student is recommended favorably by her current school.
    • New enrollment is not considered for senior year unless the transfer request is a result of a significant change in residence or other serious extenuating circumstance.

8th Grade girls interested in shadowing at SJVA HS should use this link to schedule your Shadow Day. Please reserve your date as soon as possible before your choice books up! The following dates are available:

Click here for Academic Scholarship Requirements/Application for the Class of 2022 Note: Deadline for application is November 29, 2017.

Our information booklet, above, has a great deal of information about SJVA for prospective High School Students.